2020-11-06 Human Side of Digital Webinar-2b-replay

The Modern Digital Leader: Cultural Competency & Humility

If you are like many companies working toward digital transformation – making all the right technological moves but not getting the expected results – it may be time to look at the human side of digital.

Effective C-suite executives today must develop emotional and conversational agility. This is not simply a new name for what we used to think of as “soft leadership skills.” It’s a powerful approach to creating a resilient and humble organizational culture that embraces continuous evolution to meet consumer needs.  

Join ISG experts Ola Chowning and Missy Lawrence-Johnston and their guest CSL Behring Group’s VP, Head of Digital Strategy Implementation, David Christie for a webinar to discuss how to:

  • Apply brain science to become a more effective Product & Technology leader
  • Coach C-suite leaders and prepare your firm for organizational effectiveness
  • Empower your team to improve its culture, virtual leadership and diversity awareness
  • Achieve emotional and conversational agility

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Missy Lawrence-Johnston
Principal Consultant

David Christie
VP, Head of Digital Strategy Implementation
CSL Behring Group

Ola Chowning