How to Build an Effective Software Asset Management (SAM) Program to Reduce Costs & Audits

When it comes to IT cost control, an underused discipline is Software Asset Management (SAM).

A rule of thumb is that an effective SAM program will result in a 20% reduction in software license and subscription cost. However, the majority of public companies describe their SAM capabilities as mediocre at best.

We invite you to join ISG's software advisory experts for a webinar discussing where we’ll cover what you need to know to drive more value out of your software investments, including:

  • Microsoft 365 and its refresh of hosted user productivity offerings
  • Microsoft’s “last mile” of traditional perpetual software
  • Windows Enterprise back from the “brink”

Register to understand how to build a solid SAM program that will help your organization reduce costs and audits due to being better prepared to defend your position.


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Bill Huber

Dave Goodman
Dave Goodman