2020-12-29 RPA Intelligent Automation Webinar v2a

Intelligent Automation: Simple Solutions to your Scaling Challenges


The barrier to entry is low with automation and many organizations have already started on their automation journeys. But few have scaled successfully.

High license costs, weak opportunity pipelines and rising people overhead costs are just some of the challenges that organizations face as they move towards increased maturity.

Erik Lien from RPA Supervisor joins ISG Automation Director, Wayne Butterfield for an ISG Smartalk™ to address the use of technology to help manage your automation implementations. Attendees will also learn:

  • Expert views on the intelligent automation ecosystem
  • How to get the most out of your existing setup and free tools to help you realize more value
  • Considerations and best practices when scaling
  • What scale-enabling complementary technologies you should be considering

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Wayne Butterfield
ISG Automation

Erik Lien_1
Erik Lien 
RPA Supervisor