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ISG Smartalks Upcoming:

Travel Industry Trends and Predictions (Wed, April 4 at 1pm ET) – Scott Sanders, Ajay Paul, David

Digitization has brought massive change to the travel and transportation industry, from the way travelers research information to the way they book transportation and lodging. Disruptors have created entirely new business models that challenge traditional, regulated businesses all over the world.

If you’re having trouble understanding where to focus your efforts, where the quick win/cost savings are or how to use those savings to fund your digital strategy, ISG can help. Join our experts for a one-hour webinar identifying the top five trends that are impacting travel companies for 2018.

We’ll also discuss sourcing implications of these trends and how they will drive the digital strategy across the enterprise, as well as the impact on IT strategy and service delivery.



2018 Predictions for the Digital Retail Journey (Wed, March 14 at 2pm ET) – Michael Witty

This webinar provide 2018 industry predictions and insight into the retail digital journey:

  • What matters today – ISG's Retail/CPG Team will disclose our 2018 retail predictions and provide supporting data from our quarterly ISG Index™ report
  • What matters tomorrow – Key takeaways from the 2018 NRF Big Show

Getting the Most Out of Your Microsoft Negotiations – ISG Software Advisory Team

Are you planning to negotiate end-of-year Microsoft deals? Are you sorting through options associated with retained Software Assurance (SA), transition to Office 365 productivity and security services, inclusion of Azure and overall time to value for online services deployment? Arm yourself with the most effective negotiation strategies and tactics.

Join our expert team for a webinar exploring how to improve the outcome of your negotiations. We’ll discuss:

  • Microsoft market update, including revenues, products, pricing, executive changes and competitive positioning
  • How Microsoft is “pushing” into new and non-traditional markets such as security and telephony
  • Case study on traditional SA renewal with online risk mitigation
  • Case study on Driving Time-to-Value for online services deployment
  • Case study on Microsoft online transition within a broader supplier portfolio (Cisco, EMC, VMware)

Watch now to gain a better understanding of how ISG can lead, support and assist your negotiation efforts.

Dynamics and Implications of Next-Gen Banking – ISG Partner, Owen Wheatley

Register to watch the recording of ISG Partner, Owen Wheatley, as he discusses how service providers can better serve banking clients.

Banks across the globe are investing heavily in innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain and RPA to drive operational efficiencies and improve customer experience. Banks also are partnering with Fin-Tech and Reg-Tech firms to make sure they can get ahead of the competition. In this session, Owen takes us through the likely impact of such developments on the outsourcing industry.

This one-hour webinar will answer the following questions for service providers:

  • What is the buying behavior of banks today?
  • What is the outsourcing penetration in the banking industry?
  • What are the potential opportunities for service providers?
  • How is technology disrupting sourcing?