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Less complexity, more savings

Process improvements yield $13.2 million in savings for a financial services leader.


Our North American-based financial services client needed to reduce costs in its application development function, while improving process efficiency and reducing the duration and complexity of projects.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG did a benchmark assessment of the client’s AD function relative to industry peers, top-performing global organizations and its own past performance. The client’s development unit costs were found to be more than three times higher than industry peers and seven times higher than global top-performing organizations; a performance gap that was driven primarily by project size.

Future Made Possible

  • Savings of more than $13 million—or 19 percent of total analyzed costs
  • Improved processes and management for application development projects
  • Incentive structures for schedule adherence
  • Process and management improvements that shortened project cycle times
  • Increased productivity