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Ensuring a smooth end-user computing transition

When a major insurance company needed to transition from one IT system to another, ISG guided the process and served as the safety net.


A global insurance entity that learned its IT function had to adhere to the standards of the Fed Readiness program used the mandated change as a chance to institute other improvements, such as a bettering of its service delivery model and standardizing processes and procedures for end-user delivery systems, tool sets, pricing methodology and service-level management. During the transition, the client still had to maintain accurate inventory and manage end-user and multifunctional devices and the software that processes on them.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG used its tried-and-true transition methodology, which includes defined phases, gates to proceed and a structured meeting schedule to govern the program. By deploying its industry standard commercial methodologies that rely on common contract terms, service levels and flexible pricing mechanisms, ISG facilitated an end-to-end commercial transaction.

Future Made Possible

  • The solution put global processes in place to secure client devices according to the client’s global security standards.
  • Sensitive customer data were protected and recoverable.
  • Fixed-asset accounting was accurate and auditable.
  • A global variable cost structure was established to ensure predictable costs while adapting to evolving needs and requirements.
  • The solution created a foundation for continued efficiencies, service improvements and support of technology advancements.