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Updating an application lifecycle management system

Revising an application lifecycle management system improves efficiency for a European insurance company.


A leading European insurer sought ISG’s help in improving the efficiency of its application lifecycle management (ALM) system for 75 applications. The client wanted the system verified and reworked from a market point of view.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG mapped the client’s system with ISG’s standard ALM system to evaluate what needed to be revised, then aligned the revisions with the client’s ability to provide and collect data. ISG developed a showcase solution to collect and analyze the existing application portfolio.

Future Made Possible

  • The solution provided representative application scoring and evaluation on a typical market-based system.
  • The client received an analysis of its application portfolio with respect to business adequacy and technical fitness.
  • ISG identified applications for reconstruction that were close to the end of their expected life.