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Finding the assets

A global media company uncovers critical gaps with a thorough assessment of its IT sources and tools


After many mergers and acquisitions, our global media client needed independent, expert help to manage its complex data sources, disparate tool sets and to consolidate and validate their IT infrastructure.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG performed a complete Certified Baseline assessment of servers, PCs and network devices for the client.  The process used more than 20 data sources representing nearly 2M asset records and also analyzed the clients reporting processes. An audit of the client’s configuration management database (CMDB) found that 75 percent of the server assets were active, while 25 percent could not be found electronically, warranting further investigation.

Future Made Possible

  • Discovered 27,000 server assets active on the floor, but not in the CMDB
  • Discovered 20,000 previously un-identified PCs
  • Validated 19,071 network devices active in the CMDB
  • Accounted for $260,000 US in overbill charges due to 17, 528 network devices that could not be found electronically
  • Found numerous gaps in data source reporting, and fractured reporting processes
  • Found operational gaps of 25 percent in anti-virus coverage for servers and 39 percent for PCs
  • Found operational gaps of 49 percent in missing discovery agents for servers and 30 percent for PCs