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IT leader takes global sourcing to the next level

Switching to a more flexible, scalable sourcing support made one of the fastest-growing storage and data management providers better able to meet peaks in demand, accommodate enterprise growth and adjust to changing footprints around the world.


A period of operational profitability and rapid growth outpaced this client’s internal sourcing support structure. The company had insufficient global process standardization and inadequate transparency, making it difficult to see where money was being spent. The client turned to ISG not only for a single view of global spend, but for ways to measure performance, timely reporting and 24-hour service desk availability across all time zones.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

After an in-depth assessment of the client’s current state, ISG recommended a strategy that would compliment the organization’s internal capabilities. To find the right provider, ISG guided the RFP, conducted due diligence visits, created customized scorecards and prepared the change management plans to solidify a long-term relationship between client and provider. 

Future Made Possible

  • The solution positioned the client to reap the benefits of a hybrid capability model.
  • The client gained stronger financial control and regulatory compliance.
  • The client now has more time and resources to be proactive about customer needs.