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Seamless sourcing

A global air carrier gets multi-sourcing off the ground.


A major global air carrier sought to cut costs and improve the quality of its information technology application services by engaging with third-party service providers. The company sought to launch a business transformation initiative that would seamlessly integrate its operations with externally provided IT maintenance and development services.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG helped the world-class airline develop a transition plan for its large in-house team while establishing governance and change management processes designed to minimize risk and maximize returns. After an initial assessment, market review and sourcing strategy analysis, ISG’s experts collaborated with the carrier in implementing an optimized service delivery model to drive continuous IT service improvements and ongoing operating cost reductions.

Future Made Possible

  • An integrated IT management framework
  • A smooth transition to external service providers
  • Sustainable IT service delivery and project management governance
  • An innovative solution focused on programs capable of gaining stakeholder acceptance and delivering business transformation of core operational processes.

"IT and procurement executives need to understand that successful outsourcing — particularly global sourcing — is more than an exercise in procuring services. It also involves issues such as technical complexity management, organizational change and restructuring, which all require far more complex planning, implementation and communication skills than our average IT or business re-engineering project."

"Unless you have done several large scale sourcing projects in your career, undertaking one without an experienced strategic sourcing partner like ISG is not recommended."

- Program Director, Global Airline