ISG Smartalks™ Podcast Episode 2: Technology Contracting in a Digital World – A Legal Perspective


Barry Matthews continues his exploration of sourcing in a digital world, this time with Kit Burden of global law firm DLA Piper. Lawyers play a central role in contracting for third party services, and major changes to the industry over the past two decades have had a lasting impact on their role and approach. The need for shorter, more flexible, more agile contracts, coupled with the desire to create collaborative partnerships with third parties have become the norm. Artificial Intelligence technologies are now poised to revolutionize not only the way that enterprises contract for services but are also set to transform the legal profession itself.

Kit is Partner and co-chair of DLA Piper’s global technology and sourcing group. He has advised on some of the largest and most complex technology sourcing relationships in the market.


About the author

Barry is a Partner at ISG, guiding clients through the rapidly changing world of automation and cognitive computing as it transforms the world of outsourcing and global business services.