Big Engineering Ideas for the Oil & Gas Industry

Upstream exploration and production firms in the oil and gas industry have always dealt with the challenges of fluctuating demand and difficult-to-recover supply.  However, they are finding the latest wave of IT-enabled tools and technologies can have a significant impact on productivity and safety. The intersection of IT and engineering is taking place throughout the discovery and completion ecosystem and gives enterprises the capability to garner real-time intelligence and improve decision-making onsite and in remote operations centers. This is creating what Narayanan Ramanathan, VP & Global Head of Connected Engineering and Analytics at Tech Mahindra, calls the “digital oilfield.”.

Narayanan Ramanathan will be one of five speakers to present the latest big IT-enabled engineering ideas at the ISG Imagine Your Future Workshop: Oil & Gas on June 24 in Houston..

About the author

Sampath and his team help enterprises leverage engineering services to address the needs of IT in engineering and accelerate time to market for product development teams. Sampath has more than 30 years of experience in engineering services and software product development and management. Prior to ISG, Sampath led the engineering services of Tata Consultancy Services in North America where he provided innovative solutions in Product Lifecycle Management, Embedded Software Development, Product Engineering and Plant Solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He also led the Aerospace and Process Manufacturing business units and drove key business initiatives for engineering and manufacturing customers that included marquee Fortune 100 clients. Before joining TCS, Sampath led the Infosys Automotive business units in North America and Europe.