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Managed Print Services is Evolving

by Lisa Meath

The challenge of managing an enterprise’s print and digital information is not new, but it is growing – and changing. The traditional Managed Print Services (MPS) – the management of office devices and printing services – that many organizations have sourced to one or more providers is morphing into something new: Managed Content Services (MCS). MCS expands on MPS by offering a new set of services that capture, manage and digitize document workflows so an organization can streamline its business processes and optimize daily communications for the digital era.

I recently published an article about the evolution of Managed Print Services in Document StrategyRead the entire article or contact me directly to discuss further. 

About the author

Lisa Meath is a Director at ISG with Enterprise Print Services. She works with organizations to determine the strategy that best meets their long-term objectives for print, communications, document management, and e-delivery requirements.