About ISG Provider Services

ISG Provider Services offers research products and consulting services to the service provider community. These offerings help service providers better understand market trends and client needs, which in turn helps them improve the quality of their proposals and sales processes, and ultimately results in improved capabilities and greater innovation that benefit both the buyers and sellers of services.

More than 125 service providers currently subscribe to Provider Services, which includes Momentum®, ProBenchmark®, ISG Insights™, ISG Performex™, ISG Insights Index™, Experton™, and events. These services include a wide range of research, benchmarking, and market analysis. These insights are shared through customized consulting services, including benchmarking services that help service providers understand how their offerings and market approaches compare with those of competitors. These services also includes Market and Industry Workshops that serve as educational exchanges in which service providers learn more about industry trends and generalized client needs, and ISG advisors gain insight into the offerings, strengths and weaknesses, and market differentiators of the providers. ISG hosts annual events for service providers in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions for the purpose of education and networking.

ISG pioneered the sourcing advisory industry in 1989, and has always maintained a reputation for honesty, integrity and independence. Our business depends on it. Enterprise clients trust ISG for our strategic, objective and impartial advice and support, and our ability to represent their best interests and help them achieve operational excellence through their interactions with the service provider community.

We do not provide any research or consulting services to service providers that would present an actual or perceived conflict of interest with our enterprise clients. The fact that we do or do not have a Provider Services relationship with a particular service provider in no way impacts our decision to recommend that provider to our enterprise clients. Our recommendations are based solely on identifying the best capabilities available in the market to meet the unique business objectives of our enterprise clients.

We also respect the confidentiality of all our clients; we do not disclose individual client names, the type of work we do for a particular client, or any other specifics of our client relationships. That information is confidential, and we safeguard it to protect the interests of both the buyers and sellers of services.