US Public Sector Future of Work Report 2021

After working to ensure business continuity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. public sector organizations, including state and municipal governments, public health providers, educational institutions, and non-government organizations (NGOs), are now focusing on their future workplaces ― how organizations and employees will transition to and succeed in more digitally capable, hybrid work environments with varying combinations of remote and in-office presence and activity.

While it remains to be seen how many U.S. workers return to traditional, in-office workspaces versus work remotely, or do both, what is clear is that the new “normal” work environment will blend aspects of workers’ pandemic-driven remote and virtual situations with the characteristics of working in a traditional office. For most organizations, the long-term goal is to enable a future work environment that optimizes worker experience, while delivering required productivity in a secure manner. Such an environment will need to be adaptable to worker role and location changes, variations in work habits, availability and reliability of technologies and network services, and to rapidly-evolving communication and collaboration tools and applications. 

In short, the future workplace for U.S. public sector workers and their commercial counterparts alike will be built on digital IT capabilities and services. This will require significant transformation of organizations, infrastructure and work cultures into digital business environments.

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About the authors

Richard Marshall

Richard spotted the potential of smartphone apps very early on and founded Rapid Mobile Media, one of the first specialist firms dedicated to mobile. After 18 years of start-ups and growth companies, he switched tracks and joined Gartner to run its Application Design and Development team, producing many important Magic Quadrants and research notes and winning Gartner’s 2015 awards for both Thought Leadership and Inquiry Excellence. His post-Gartner career has focused on advising a broad range of emerging technology vendors. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.

Bruce Guptill

Bruce Guptill brings more than 30 years of technology business and markets experience and expertise to ISG clients. Beginning with software programming and systems architecture and design, his career path has included business analysis, sales, marketing, and engineering positions in PC reselling, telecommunications and computer networking, electronic commerce and online marketplaces, and software and services – including all major Cloud IT disciplines.

Mrinal Rai

Mrinal Rai is the Principal analyst for Digital Workplace, enterprise collaboration and conversational AI. His area of expertise is digital workplace services and enterprise social collaboration both from a technology and business point of view. He covers key areas around the Workplace and End User computing domain viz., modernizing workplace, Enterprise mobility, BYOD, VDI, managed workplace services, service desk and modernizing IT architecture. In Social business collaboration, he focuses on enterprise social software, content collaboration, team collaboration, social media management and chatbot platforms. He has been with ISG for last 9 years and has more than 13.5+ years of industry experience. Mrinal works with ISG advisors and clients in engagements related to workplace modernization, social intranet, collaborative workplace, cloud-based VDI, end user computing and service desk. He is also the ISG official media spokesperson in India.

Sonam Chawla

Sonam Chawla is a senior analyst at ISG and is responsible for supporting and co-authoring Provider Lens™ studies on Future of Work - Services and Solutions. Her area of expertise is Conversational AI and Digital Workplace. During her tenure, she has supported research authors and authored enterprise context and the global summary report with market trends and insights.

Jan Erik Aase

Mr. Aase brings extensive experience in the implementation and research of service integration and management of both IT and business processes. With over 35 years of experience, he is highly skilled at analyzing vendor governance trends and methodologies, identifying inefficiencies in current processes, and advising the industry. Jan Erik has experience on all four sides of the sourcing and vendor governance lifecycle - as a client, an industry analyst, a service provider and an advisor. Now as a research director, principal analyst and global head of ISG Provider Lens™, he is very well positioned to assess and report on the state of the industry and make recommendations for both enterprises and service provider clients.