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ISG Provider Lens™ Study – Social Business and Collaboration 2018 (Overview)


Region: USA

The quadrants for Social Business Collaboration and Solutions (USA) will cover areas of enterprise social networking suites, social media and community management, content collaboration, social chatbots and social media analytics and management solutions.

Past few years have seen the rise of Social Enterprise where small and large-scale businesses are looking for ways to leverage the rapidly evolving social collaboration space. With increasing usage of social media and introduction of team collaboration solutions and their continuous expansion in terms of technology and client base this trend is gaining more traction. As enterprises are moving towards a digital workplace, a collaborative social enterprise is a natural extension. Enterprises are adopting a socially collaborative workplace by either selecting a comprehensive enterprise social software which provides different teams or businesses to collaborate over their projects and tasks, or they are selecting cloud-based content storage and management solutions to enhance collaboration over shared workspaces. These initiatives are new-age intranet, email alternatives, cost effective and contribute to end users’ productivity.

Emergence of social media channels has also presented a unique opportunity for enterprise marketing function. Enterprises can now focus on digital and social media channels for many marketing initiatives like new product development idea generation, marketing and branding and analyzing feedback from customers. Emergence of social media communities and influencer environment presents an opportunity for digital marketers to make best use of them. Many software solutions in the market are available to track, analyze and manage the social media marketing initiatives. In addition, many traditional IT service providers and consulting houses provide dedicated offerings around social media strategy development, analytics and social media content management. Some service providers also provide dedicated solution platform for the same.

A key feature or characteristic of the social media solutions and services is AI enabled chatbots that facilitates interactive collaboration. Many chatbot platform solutions in the market are available which collaborate with the social business software enhancing their functionality. The use of chatbots allow cost savings by eliminating need for live agent support for customers enabling self-service, which enhances millennial end users’ satisfaction and also result in effective marketing.

In this independent study, following the format of our Internationally Successful Provider Lens series, ISG sets out to deliver a comprehensive but defensible research program, with clear and extensive evaluation criteria, covering all major social business and collaboration providers of relevance within USA.


The research phase is between February - May 2018 during which survey, evaluation, analysis, validation will take place. Selected results will be presented to the media in June 2018.

We will roll out the survey on an online platform called Qualtrics. The invites will be sent with links to fill in the responses and submit.

Milestones Beginning End
Launch January, 2018
Survey (questionnaire) February 7, 2018  March 7, 2018
Sneak previews May 11, 2018
Content provisioning June 15, 2018
Press release June 21, 2018