Why It’s Important to Spread Agile Outside Tech Teams

As enterprises begin their Agile transformation journeys, one of the biggest risks they face is failing to effectively scale Agile and DevOps philosophies and practices outside their technical teams. IT managers may tend to believe they and their teams exist on an island, but the work they do requires interaction with parts of the company that may rely on processes designed for Waterfall workflows.

Failing to address the difference in approach will lead to unnecessary conflict, especially when many of the same strategies that drive value in a software context translate well to other parts of the business. Technology teams stand to benefit immensely by bringing the knowledge they have about how to implement Agile to other parts of the company.

Our new research note Why Scaling the Agile Mindset is Key to Driving Value provides a case for bringing practices and philosophies from Agile software development to other parts of the enterprise, like procurement, sourcing and compliance. It also sets out tactical tips for processes other parts of a company can adopt to improve their work.

The note is available to all ISG Insights subscribers, along with our new report, Agile and DevOps in 2019: Enterprise Culture is Key. For more information on subscribing to ISG Insights, contact us.

About the author

Blair Hanley Frank is a technology analyst covering cloud computing, application development modernization, AI, and the modern workplace.