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Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association

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Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association

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Website Maturity: Immature


  • Business

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  • Other/Unknown


  • Financial Services

Legal Entity Type

  • Nonprofit Other


  • Country Specific - Australia

President/Executive Director

Nick Giurietto

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Mission Statement of Association

To develop industry best practices and help shape global regulatory interoperability.

Board of Directors

Ronald M. Tucker (Co-Founder, Bit Trade Australia)

Leigh Travers (CEO, DigitalX Ltd)

Nick Giurietto (CEO & Managing Director, ADCA)

Rupert Hackett (CEO, BTC Corp)

Adrian Przelozny (CEO and co-founder, Independent Reserve)

Cindy Nicholson (Director of Innovation, Optus Business)

David Temple (COO and co-founder, Coin Loft)

Richard McCarthy (General Manager, Perpetual Corporate Trust)

Katrina Donaghy (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Civic Ledger)

Membership fees if any

Information requested 12/4


Founding member of Global Blockchain Forum