Blockchain Consortia

Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC)

Name of Association/Consortium

Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC)

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Website Maturity: Mature


  • Business

Functional Area

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  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

Legal Entity Type

  • Educational Institution


  • Country Specific - Japan

President/Executive Director

Yoichiro Hirano

Asteria Co., Ltd. Executive Officer President / CEO

Exact title

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mission Statement of Association

While members exchange information with each other, work hard to disseminate the blockchain and enlighten themselves, they expand their application areas of blockchains, contributing to the promotion of international competitiveness of Japanese industry, and also to evolve blockchain technology. It aims to contribute. It is the main activity that BCCC is promoting for the sound development and popularization of the blockchain.

Charter/other text describing objectives

BCCC is an organization promoting the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Acquire latest information and basic knowledge of blockchains. Train engineers and planners, form networks. Create motivated demonstration experiments and implementation. Implement widely market-related business on blockchains and disseminate blockchains to various businesses we are promoting.

Member companies

Agri Communications Inc.; I Creative Corporation; I · Offshore Corporation; Ortho Plus Inc.; Aniwo Co., Ltd.; AOM Corporation; Aozora Bank, Ltd.; Arara Inc.; Aratana Inc.; Alkay Information Co., Ltd.; ARROWS SYSTEMS CORPORATION; Asset · Genius Corporation; Asteria Corporation; Atago Corporation; Axel Corporation; Axelmark Co., Ltd.; Axis Corporation; AYS INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.; Berkeley Global Consulting & Internet Inc.; BASE CORPORATION; Bay Current Consulting Co., Ltd.; Beforward Inc.; Bit Bank Corporation; Black Star LLC; Blockchain Tech Farm Inc.; Break's Co., Ltd.; BTC Box Corporation; Beech Forest Law Firm; CACY Co., Ltd.; Kaica Corporation; Carol System Co., Ltd.; CData Software Japan Limited Liability Company; Centaur Works Co., Ltd.; KOMAI Corporation; Comsys Information System Co., Ltd.; Consensus basis; Consensys; Creww Inc.; Crypto Ream Co., Ltd.; CCS Communications Co., Ltd.; C S S E; Itochu Techno-Solutions Co., Ltd.; Cube System Co., Ltd.; Currency Port Co., Ltd.; CyberLinks Inc.; Sai Bridge Group Co., Ltd.; Sea Utec Corporation; Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Head office; D. D. S.; Digital Transcommunication Inc.; International Dentsu International Information Service Inc. Open Innovation Laboratory; Dentsu Inc.; Dentsu Isobar Corporation; Dorikomu Inc.; F, Inc.; E · Guardian Co., Ltd.; EG Secure Solutions Co., Ltd.; EMTG Corporation; E Store Co., Ltd.; Exa Corporation; Fidel Technologies Co., Ltd.; Fisco; FLOC Corporation; Fluornet Secure Inc.; Forced Financial Services Co., Ltd.; Frontier Line Inc.; Gate Corporation; Genero Corporation; Geolocation Technology Co., Ltd.; Jim Fam Co., Ltd.; Gizumo Co., Ltd.; GMO Internet Co., Ltd.; Good Lucks Three Co., Ltd.; Green Innovations Holdings Co., Ltd.; Hands Co., Ltd.; Hawai International, Inc.; Higo Bank Ltd.; Hirota Securities Co., Ltd.; Hotlink Co., Ltd.; Housedam Co., Ltd.; iBank Marketing Co., Ltd.; iChain Corporation; I - X Knowledge Corporation; Eid Corporation; Inaba General Law Office; INDETAIL INC.; IndieSquare Corporation; Infini Travel Information, Inc.; Innovator · Japan Ltd.; InsChain; Instruction Co., Ltd.; Intelligent Wave Inc.; Iridge Co., Ltd.; ISERVE Inc.; IS I Software Inc.; ITFO Corporation; Iupui Inc.; Japan Net Bank, Ltd.; Japan Efficiency Association; Jaynets Corporation; Japan Exchange Co., Ltd.; Japan Third Party Co., Ltd.; Kamome Engineering Co., Ltd.; LIMITED COMPANY Keychain; Kobe University Social System Innovation Center; Kumamoto Electric Power Company Limited; Kyocera Communication System Co., Ltd.; Lancers Corporation; LINE-UP Co., Ltd.; Link Bar; Specified nonprofit corporation Elpie I Japan (LPI - Japan); Main Co., Ltd.; Manoa Corporation; Companies Maruka Global; Matsui Securities Co., Ltd.; M · Data Corporation; MediBloc Inc.; Metapusu Corporation; Japan Microsoft Corporation; Lawyer Midosuji Law Firm; Future Institute of Image Laboratory LLC; Mitra Corporation; Mitsui E & S Systems Giken Co., Ltd.; Mobile Internet Technology Co., Ltd.; Mobile Factory Co., Ltd.; Money Partners Solutions Inc.; Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.; MUSCAT Space Engineering Co., Ltd.; Nayuta Co., Ltd.; Neo System Co., Ltd.; Nexert Corporation; Nippon Information & Communication Co.; Nichiden Open System Co., Ltd.; Japan Direx Corporation; Japan Credit Information Service Co., Ltd.; Nissay Information Technology Co., Ltd.; Nuu Life Insurance Co., Ltd.; Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.; NSP Corporation; Oi Electric Co., Ltd.; Okei Wave Co., Ltd.; Opening Line Corporation; Opto Ventures Inc.; ORIX Corporation; Park Co., Ltd.; Personal Process & Technology Co., Ltd.; Piede Bitz Corporation; Plat'Home Home Inc.; PRADiA Corporation; Prime Soft Inc.; Property Agent Co., Ltd.; PwC Aarata Audit Corporation; Real World Games Inc.; Recruit Holdings Inc.; Recruit Finance Partners Inc.; Reivalue Corporation; Ryoyo Electro Co., Ltd.; Sakura Internet Co., Ltd.; Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd.; SOFTBANK Payment Service Co., Ltd.; SD Solutions Co., Ltd.; Shimadzu Accounting Tax Accountant Corporation; Shinko Techno Mist Co., Ltd.; Serious International Patent Office; Site Engine Co., Ltd.; SKIYAKI CORPORATION; Sky Arch Inc. Networks Inc.; Skynet Corporation; Smart System Co., Ltd.; Smart Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.; Smart Solar Corporation; Snapshot Inc.; SOLKYS CORPORATION; S · Network Inc.; SPPS Corporation; STAGE CORPORATION; STARTIER HOLDINGS CORPORATION; Style One Corporation; Sakai Design Co., Ltd.; System EXE Corporation; System · Location; System shared; Tanaakk Corporation; T & I Innovation Center Co., Ltd.; Tech Bureau Inc.; Tech Farm Co., Ltd.; TECHFUND CO., LTD.; Tekotec Co., Ltd.; Teikoku Databank Co., Ltd.; Temona Corporation; Tender Corporation; Terra · Web Create Co., Ltd.; General Association Tsukuba Future Funding; Three-A System Co., Ltd.; Three Pro Agency Co., Ltd.; THS Co., Ltd.; Tea Eye Duvall Co., Ltd.; Lawyer Corporate Attorney Hida & Partners Law Firm; Tokyo Arpa Patent Office; Tokyo Technical Calculation Consultant Co., Ltd.; Tokyo System Research Co., Ltd.; TomoSys Technologies, Inc.; Top Gate Co., Ltd.; Town Story Co., Ltd.; Toyota High System Co., Ltd.; Toyo System Development Co., Ltd.; Tradeworks Co., Ltd.; Transcosmos Co., Ltd.; Trinity Co., Ltd.; Triple Eyes Co., Ltd.; Tsukuba Science Co., Ltd.; Uejima Corporation Planning; Walt Corporation; WISSIR CORPORATION; Yamen Medical Co., Ltd.; Yave Inc.; Wy Diesh Co., Ltd.; Yotsubashi Comprehensive Law Office, Legal Professional Corporation; YUNOKI ACCOUNTING PARTNERS; GRICAR RESEARCH LIMITED LIABILITY

Membership fees if any

Fees are determined by sales and membership is contingent on use of logo/name

Services offered

It is the main activity that BCCC is promoting for the sound development and popularization of the blockchain.

Education & Certification


Appears to be limited to Japan