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Website Maturity: Somewhat Mature


  • Business
  • Technology Platform

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  • AI
  • Blockchain Technology
  • IoT


  • Shipping and Logistics

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  • Partnership


  • Region - Global

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CargoSmart offers a comprehensive range of products to help shippers, consignees, logistics service providers, and NVOCCs manage their shipments with multiple carriers throughout the shipment cycle. Supply chain visibility, shipment execution, collaboration, compliance, and private label solutions enable customers to automate and improve their shipment management processes. CargoSmart's solutions help customers to:

  • Lower transportation management costs
  • Enhance shipment management efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of late or mismanaged shipments
  • Improve collaboration between supply chain associates

Member companies

CDM Software Solutions, Drewry, NACCS Center, Ningo E-port, Paradigm, SGS