Blockchain Consortia

Digital Asset Holdings

Name of Association/Consortium

Digital Asset Holdings

Website and Maturity

Website Maturity: Somewhat Mature


  • Business

Functional Area

  • Bits of Proof
  • Blockstack
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Hyperledger


  • Financial Services

Legal Entity Type

  • Platform Company


  • Region - Global

President/Executive Director

Blythe Masters

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Mission Statement of Association

The Digital Asset Platform delivers flexible infrastructure for regulated financial institutions to share processes and data securely, on a need-to-know basis, without the need for reconciliation. It combines a permissioned Distributed Ledger with a powerful financial modeling language to ensure that each institution operates from a single source of truth.

Charter/other text describing objectives

They are a platform company, using the technologies of acquired companies, Hyperledger, Blockstack, Elevance and Bits of Proof to Create Distributed Ledger solutions.

Sponsor companies

ABN-AMRO; Accenture; ASX; BNP Paribas; Broadridge; Citi; CME Ventures; Deutsche Borse Group; DTCC; Goldman Sachs; IBM; J.P.Morgan; NEX; PNC; Santander


Digital Asset has raised over $110 million from more than 15 strategic investors across the world, encompassing the leaders within the financial and technology ecosystem who are uniquely placed to help drive adoption on a global scale.

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