Blockchain Consortia

Dutch Logistics Consortium to Explore Blockchain Technology

Name of Association/Consortium

Dutch Logistics Consortium to Explore Blockchain Technology

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Key Contact and Title

Project Manager and Associate Professor at TU Delft

Mission Statement of Association

Companies in the Netherlands are experimenting with blockchain technology through a 16-partner consortium.

The consortium has the goal of developing three concrete use cases such as chain financing, supply financing, and circular economics. With the total scale of the project amounting to $2.3 million, this is the first time blockchain technology is being launched with various partners in the logistics chain.

Charter/other text describing objectives

Led by TKI Dinalog, a Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics, the consortium is looking to explore how distributed ledger technology can advance operations to bolster efficiency and effectiveness, and reduce supply chain footprints.

Member companies

TU Delft; Windesheim; the SCF Community; TNO; Centric; Exact; ABN AMRO; SmartPort; Royal FloraHolland; the Port of Rotterdam; FBBasic & Cirmar; BeScope Solutions; NBK; Innopay; TransFollow

Published Use Cases

  1. Chain Financing
  2. Supply Financing
  3. Circular economics