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Electron Energy Consortium

Name of Association/Consortium

Electron Energy Consortium

Website and Maturity

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  • Business

Functional Area

  • Commodities Trade


  • Energy and Utilities

Legal Entity Type

  • Part of an Enterprise/Corporate


  • Country Specific - United Kingdom

Mission Statement of Association

The consortium aims to harness the experiences and knowledge of its members to develop the framework which will allow for co-ordinated trading of balancing and other grid products, with a view to helping maintain its frequency. Serve as an Energy Trading Platform.

Charter/other text describing objectives

  • Incorporate the specialist knowledge and know-how of a diverse collection of stakeholders
  • Develop the framework for a fit-for-purpose platform for the rapidly evolving electricity system
  • Enable co-ordinated and collaborative trading of balancing and other grid quality product

Member companies

National Grid; Siemens; Open Energi; Baringa; EDF Energy; Flexitricity; KiWi Power; Northern Powergrid; Shell; Statkraft and UK Power Networks

Sponsor companies

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