Blockchain Consortia

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Name of Association/Consortium

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Website and Maturity

Website Maturity: Highly Mature


  • Technology Platform

Functional Area

  • Policy Development - Global Open Standard for Ethereum

Legal Entity Type

  • 501C


  • Region - Global

President/Executive Director

Ron Resnick

Exact title

Executive Director

President/Executive Director Phone Number and Email

+1 503-740-8638,

General Information email

Mission Statement of Association

A clear roadmap for enterprise features and requirements. Robust governance model and accountability, clarity around IP and licensing models for open source technology. Resources for businesses to learn about Ethereum and leverage this groundbreaking technology to address specific industry use cases.

Charter/other text describing objectives

Be an open source standard, not a product. Address enterprise deployment requirements. Evolve in tandem with advances in public Ethereum. Leverage existing standards.

Member companies

Board of Directors

John Whelan (Santander)

Marley Gray (Microsoft)

Jeremy Millar (Consensys)

Andrew Miller (Univ of Illinois)

Jennifer McKeller (CME Group)

Matthew Spoke (NUCO)

David Treat (Accenture)

Thomas Willis (Intel)

Suresh Shetty (JP Morgan)

Victor Wong (BlockApps)

Lior Glass (BNY Mellon)

Membership fees if any

Less than 50 Employees / Individuals: $3,000 / yr

Between 51 - 500 Employees: $10,000 / yr

Between 501 - 5,000 Employees: $15,000 / yr

More than 5,000 Employees: $25,000 / yr

Period for membership


Events and Meetings (2019)

Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG)

April 24, 2019


Past Events (some recur each year):