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Hashed Health

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Hashed Health

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  • Healthcare


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Mission Statement of Association

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Hashed Health’s blockchain healthcare experts focus on taming the hype of blockchain to focus on solving core healthcare business problems. By letting the problem drive the appropriate blockchain design, Hashed Health works to launch new industry level solutions more effectively and at a lower cost.

Their team are the leaders in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger innovation in healthcare. Hashed Health’s team are experts at understanding how blockchain can help solve old healthcare problems in new ways. They specialize in not only applying the right technical framework to a business problem, but also solving for important non-technical requirements such as business model innovation and governance structure development. Their team focuses every day on product development, enterprise services, and market development activities.

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How to engage them:

Hashed Collective: A free and open community for discussion and collaboration on blockchain applications in healthcare.

Hashed Enterprise: advisory arm to help leading healthcare organizations establish a fundamental understanding of blockchain, create an enterprise strategy, identify potential use cases. They offer education, enterprise strategy, and Proof of Concept evaluation.

Hashed Labs: Hashed Labs is a dedicated blockchain development studio and solution incubator. Their team of blockchain and full-stack engineers design and build prototypes, proofs-of-concept and enterprise scale blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry. Drawing on their long experience in the industry, the team at Hashed Labs knows well the regulatory and technical landscape of the existing healthcare IT stack and is pioneering integrations between new blockchain solutions and existing “off-chain” technology.

Board of Directors

John Bass, CEO

Corey Todaro, Chief Product Officer

LES WILKINSON, Chief Development Officer

FRANK COLIANO, Chief Strategy Officer

GILES WARD, Chief Operating Officer

PHILIP CLOTHIAUX, Director of Development

MOLLY HALEY, Account Director, Enterprise

DE’ON SUMMERS, Blockchain Developer

HEATH MATLOCK, Distributed Systems Developer

Services offered

Education, Standards Representation, Strategic Business Preparation, Technology Development & Support, Regulatory Representation, Industry Organization.

Published Use Cases

Events and Meetings (2019)

SXSW 2019 (

MARCH 8, 2019 - MARCH 17, 2019