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  • Mobility


  • Automotive

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  • Region - Global

President/Executive Director

Chris Ballinger

David Luce (Media Contact)

Luca Cosentino (Media Contact)

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mobi is a nonprofit organization working with forward thinking companies, governments, and NGOs to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer, and less congested by promoting standards and accelerating adoption of blockchain, distributed ledger, and related technologies.

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  • Vehicle identity, history and data tracking
  • Supply chain tracking, transparency, and efficiency
  • Autonomous machine and vehicle payments
  • Secure mobility ecosystem commerce
  • Data markets for autonomous and human driving
  • Car sharing and ride hailing
  • Usage-based mobility pricing and payments for vehicles, insurance, energy,

congestion, pollution, infrastructure, etc

Member companies

achmea; MS & AD - Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance; BMW; BOSCH; CarBlock; dashride; Ford; GM; Groupe Renault; MoveCo; Ride Austin; Shift; ZF; CarVertical; DENSO; TESLOOP; Faraday Future; FutureMove Automotive; VINChain; Cognizant; Cerebri; iN2Car; AMO Labs; Swiss Re; On the Road Lending

Sponsor companies

accenture; beyond protocol; BIGCHAIN DB; Chronicled; Consensys; ContextLabs; DeonDigital; Digital Wwin Labs; DOVU; FETCH; FOAM; IBM; IOTA Foundation; LUXOFT; Motion Werk; NuCypher; OAKEN Innovations; ocean; Outlier Ventures; ShareRing; Spherical Analytics; SPHERITY; vechain; XA

Board of Directors

Chris Ballinger

Ashley Lannquist

CP Pal

Published Use Cases

digital identity and history

location in space and time

supply chain

congestion fees

autonomous machine payments

mobility commerce platform

driving data markets

carbon pricing

car and ride sharing

usage based insurance

usage based taxes

pollution taxes

Events and Meetings (2019)

MOBI Grand Challenge Hackathon

Oct 12 through Jan 10, 2019

New Mexico, USA - Munich, Germany


This phase will end with a public demonstration of selected technologies at an event hosted by the BMW Group, MOBI community member, in Munich, Germany on February 15, 2019.

More detail:


MOBI is "Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative"

Links are not provided on the mobi website where these sponsors are referenced but their brand logo is displayed.

Member contact information in a press release (mobi and partners announcement.pdf