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Ondiflo Consortium

Name of Association/Consortium

Ondiflo Consortium

Website and Maturity

Website Maturity: Somewhat Mature


  • Education
  • Technology Platform

Functional Area

  • Transaction Processing


  • Energy and Utilities

Legal Entity Type

  • Part of an Enterprise/Corporate


  • Region - North America

President/Executive Director

Jean- Pierre Foehn

Exact title


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General Information email

[email protected]

Charter/other text describing objectives

Ondiflo is forming a Consortium to develop its Blockchain platform for the Oil & Gas industry. Key-players include Producers, Midstream Companies, Refiners, Distributors, Service Providers, Financial Institutions, and Electronic Data Exchange Providers. The Consortium is composed of three councils, each with specific responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of the relationship among all stakeholders and, ultimately, the widespread adoption of the Ondiflo Blockchain solutions.

Member companies

ConsenSys - Joseph Lubin, CEO; Amalto - Jean-Pierre Foehn, CEO

Sponsor companies

ConsenSys - Joseph Lubin, CEO; Amalto - Jean-Pierre Foehn, CEO

Board of Directors

Joseph Lubin, Jean-Pierre Foehn, Rana Basu

Services offered

A Blockchain Platform to Automate All Ticketing-Based Services for the Oil and Gas Industry. ndiflo’s end-to-end B2B Blockchain technology solution automates and improves management and delivery of the order-to-cash ticket-based services to the Oil & Gas Industry.

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