Blockchain Consortia

Project Jasper

Name of Association/Consortium

Project Jasper

Website and Maturity

Website Maturity: Immature


  • Technology Platform

Functional Area

  • Transaction Processing


  • Financial Services


  • Country Specific - Canada

Mission Statement of Association

A collaborative research initiative undertaken by Payments Canada, the Bank of Canada, the financial innovation consortium R3 and a number of Canadian financial institutions to understand how Digital Ledger Technology could transform the future of payments in Canada.

Member companies

The Bank of Montreal; Bank of Nova Scotia (ScotiaBank); Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC); Royal Bank of Canada; TD Bank ; Joined in Phase 2; National Bank of Canada; HSBC Bank Canada

Sponsor companies

Bank of Canada

Payments Canada

R3 as technology provider

Services offered

Payments and Large Value Transfers are the current use cases that have been implemented in a non-production environment. Planning to add other clearing and settlement and asset management use cases as needed.