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The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

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The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)

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Website Maturity: Highly Mature


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Sandra Ro

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[email protected]

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GBBC brings together innovative organizations and founding thought-leaders from over 40 countries to advance understanding of blockchain technology amongst global regulators and business leaders.

The organization is dedicated to furthering adoption of blockchain technology through engaging regulators, business leaders, and global changemakers on how to harness this groundbreaking tool to create more secure, equitable, and functional societies.

Member companies

FOUNDING ADVISORS & COUNTRY AMBASSADORS; ROYA MAHBOOB, CEO-Digital Citizen Fund, AFGHANISTAN; SANTIAGO SIRI, Founder-Democracy Earth Foundation, ARGENTINA; JEMMA GREEN, Cofounder & Chair-Power Ledger, AUSTRALIA; MICHAEL CASEY, Senior Advisor- MIT Media Lab, AUSTRALIA; GABRIEL ABED, Founder & CEO-Bitt Group, BARBADOS; SEBASTIAN VOS, Partner-Covington, BELGIUM; PAULA GUEDES, Founder & CEO-ATLZ Group, BRAZIL; VERONICA SERRA, Founding Partner-Pacific Investments, BRAZIL; WEI WANG, Founding Chairman-China M & A Association, CHINA; LARS RASMUSSEN, Co-founder-Weav Music, DENMARK; TOOMAS HENRIK ILVES, Former President-Estonia, ESTONIA; MARIANA DAHAN, Co-Founder & CEO-World Identity Network, FRANCE; GEORGE KIKVADZE, Vice Chairman-BitFury Group, GEORGIA; RUTH WANDHÖFER, Global Head of Regulatory, Market & Innovation Strategy-Citi, GERMANY; EVA KAILI, Member of EU Parliament-Greece, GREECE; LAURENT LAMOTHE, Former Prime Minister-Haiti, HAITI; YEW KIAT PHANG, CEO-Chong Sing Holdings Fintech Group Limited, HONG KONG, CHINA; RAMAN KUMAR, Chairman-Aeries Group, INDIA; ALEXANDRA CHONG, Founder and CEO-Nightingale, JAMAICA; VAL VAVILOV, Founder & CEO-BitFury Group, LATVIA; SARUUL GANBAATAR, CEO-Bogd Bank, MONGOLIA; ELIZABETH ROSIELLO, Founder & CEO-BitPesa, NIGERIA; HERNANDO DE SOTO, Chairman-Institute for Liberty and Democracy, PERU; DANTE DISPARTE, Founder & CEO-Risk Cooperative, PUERTO RICO; GLEB DAVIDYUK, Managing Partner-ITech Capital, RUSSIA; HH MISHAAL BIN ABDULLAH AL SAUD, PHD., Chairman-ZAD Group, SAUDI ARABIA; JONATHAN TEO, Co-Founder & Managing Partner-Binary Capital, SINGAPORE; VINNY LINGHAM, Founder &, SOUTH AFRICA; OLIVER BUSSMANN, Founder & Managing Partner-Bussman Advisory, SWITZERLAND; GHAZI BEN-AHMED, Founder & President-Mediterranean Development Initiative (MDI), TUNISIA; MUHAMMED YESILHARK, Founder & CIO-Q2Q Capital Group, TURKEY; AIVARAS ABROMAVICIUS, Former Minister Economy-Ukraine, UKRAINE; SHEIKH ZAYED AL NAHYAN, Director -Nayhan Family Group, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES; DAN ZILBERMAN, Managing Director, Head of Europe-Warburg Pincus, UNITED KINGDOM; DANIEL MASTERS, Chairman-CoinShares, UNITED KINGDOM; BILL TAI, Co-Founder-ACTAI Global, UNITED STATES; JAMES NEWSOME, Founding Partner-Delta Strategy Group, UNITED STATES; JASON WEINSTEIN, Partner-Steptoe & Johnson, UNITED STATES

Board of Directors

SANDRA RO, Chief Executive Officer

MERCINA TILLEMANN-DICK, Chief Operating Officer


TOMICAH TILLEMANN, Chair of the Board | Governance & Regulatory Engagement Committee

RICHARD SHADE, Consultant, PTDL Group London

BRUCE DEGN, Managing Director, External Affairs

ZLATA BALDEKOVA, Director, Industry Affairs

SOFIA AREND, Program Analyst

SHOSHANA RILEY, Director, Administration and Finance

ELYSE LEE, Policy Analyst

VALERY VAVILOV, Board Member | Founder and CEO, Bitfury

YEW KIAT PHANG, Board Member | CEO, Chong Sing Holdings Fintech Group

WEI WANG, Board Member | Chairman, China M & A Group

PAULA GUEDES, Board Member | CEO, Jobzi


GEORGE KIKVADZE, Board Member | Vice Chairman, Bitfury

BRIAN FORDE, Board Member | Co-Founder, MIT's Digital Currency Initiative; Fmr. Obama WH Advisor

DANIEL GASTEIGER, Board Member | CEO, Procivis

GIGI BRISSON, Board Member | Partner, Attractor Ventures; CEO, OceanElders

Events and Meetings (2019)

Blockchain Central, Davos

21-25 January, 2019


Membership is currently only available for companies, organizations, and institutions