Blockchain Consortia

The Retail Blockchain Consortium (RBC)

Name of Association/Consortium

The Retail Blockchain Consortium (RBC)

Website and Maturity

Website Maturity: Immature


  • Business


  • Retail

Legal Entity Type

  • Nonprofit


  • Region - Global

President/Executive Director

Antony Welfare; Paolo Tasca; Nikhil Vadgama; Geri Cupi (All Co-Founders and holding various functional responsibilities)

Mission Statement of Association

MISSION & VISION: The aim is to share deep knowledge and set best industry standards of Blockchain technology via the Retail Blockchain Consortium. This will enable key players in the retail value chain, to understand the practical challenges of the deployment of Blockchain technology at scale across global organisations.

Charter/other text describing objectives

The consortium will provide open resource tools and specifications for academic and commercial partners to leverage this innovative transformational technology for specific retail value chain use cases.

Member companies

The consortium is a global collaboration led by MonoChain, Oracle & UCL including leading retailers, universities, technology companies, Blockchain companies and service providers.