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The Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VRBA)

Name of Association/Consortium

The Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VRBA)

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Website Maturity: Immature


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Functional Area

  • Policy Development - Interoperability
  • Policy Development - Standard Protocols


  • Region - Global

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Mission Statement of Association

The Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VRBA) is a consortium of organizations working to enable people, property, and money to move freely between virtual worlds. We believe that VR will be used on a global scale for entertainment, work, communication, and commerce, and we work together to establish best practices, protocols, and standards to support that transition and to establish and defend the rights of VR users.

Charter/other text describing objectives

  • Enable avatars and objects to move between virtual worlds;
  • Facilitate effective and ethical advertising for VR;
  • Establish a "Bill of Rights" for Avatars.

Member companies

Admix; High Fidelity; JanusVR; Somnium Space; BLOCKv; SVVR; Simbol

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