Successful Provider-Client Relationships

Imagine you are a therapist and a couple contacts you wanting to improve their relationship. You set aside time to meet and learn about the current challenges in the relationship as well as the strengths they can make use of. You are excited about helping them make real changes in their relationship, but when the time for the appointment comes, only one person shows up. How effectively do you think you would be able to work on this relationship?

Creating a successful partnership between two people or between two corporate entities is a team effort. You need to consider both sides of the story and understand the dynamic however complex, something that can only happen if both sides of the relationship are equally involved and reflective.

Yet when it comes to sourcing provider and client relationships, all too often the magnifying glass is focused on the provider side of the relationship, seeking critique only from enterprise clients on how providers can drive improvements. Not only does this one-sided perspective fail to take into account the role that enterprise buyers must play in creating and sustaining positive relationships, it also tends to underplay the importance of mutual challenges that both client and provider need to work on together.

Read this ISG white paper to learn more.

About the author

Dr. Lauren Herbert is a Principal Research Consultant who works to measure and assess the health of business to business engagements amongst many large organizations.