ISG UserX™

Measure, monitor and benchmark employee satisfaction with workplace technology.

How do you know what good looks like for your organization?

ISG UserX™ measures, monitors and benchmarks employee satisfaction with workplace technology, including support, services and tools, so enterprises know what is working and what is not and precisely what action to take to drive sustainable change for their digital transformation journey.

Your workplace is the engine of your business. The higher your productivity and employee output, the higher your chances of success. A critical component is a positive workplace technology experience. It boosts employee satisfaction and improves efforts to attract and retain talent, both of which lead to higher customer satisfaction.

The path to creating a positive workplace technology experience isn’t always obvious. Companies must first understand how employees are leveraging the tools, technologies and services provided to them. Then they must get a clear understanding of how they compare to other organizations. On top of that, they must establish a workplace technology plan that meets the needs of multiple generations of workers.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure and benchmark.

And this is undeniably true for the workplace technology experience. Do you know how your employees experience your workplace today? Measuring business and employee perceptions of technology is much more than relying solely on SLAs as a quality measure.

For most companies – it’s not even clear exactly what a positive workplace technology experience even looks like.

To improve the workplace technology experience, you need:

  • Empirical data about your employees’ experience
  • Market data to compare it to
  • An unbiased interpretation of the data
  • Insights that help you understand the employee experience
  • Practical recommendations with priorities for improvement

ISG UserX™ is built on real data.

The ISG UserX™ is a proven diagnostic tool used to capture an empirical measure of end user satisfaction with the workplace technology experience. It not only serves as a baseline from which to measure the impact of change, it also serves as a guide to prioritize initiatives based on direct user feedback.

Based on a robust, proven approach, ISG UserX™ uses a single set of metrics. This enables you to bring each of the providers delivering workplace services together to focus on a common purpose of improving the end user experience.

ISG UserX™ measures the end-user experience by helping companies:

  • fully understand the current level of satisfaction with workplace services
  • identify end user preferences for support channels, tools and technologies
  • ascertain effort involved in interactions such as collaborating with colleagues, setting up meetings and resolving technology issues
  • build an informed and targeted continuous improvement plan based on user feedback
  • benchmark workplace satisfaction against our proprietary database to obtain an external comparison of the services
  • understand what other leading global organizations are doing in the field of workplace technology services.


The ISG UserX™ survey methodology relies on the following: 

Feedback 85% metrics; 15% qualitative.
Duration Survey lasts up to eight minutes.
Audience A statistically robust cross section of employees.
Frequency Annual or bi-annual in times of change.


It can be tempting to conduct surveys in house, but companies that do often struggle with low response rates that lead to ambiguous and unactionable data. And, without greater context from the market, it’s difficult to know how you compare to other similar sized companies or competitors in your industry, what’s possible and how to get there.

ISG UserX™ takes places in a phased approach.

1. Design Phase: We explore and outline the parameters of the measurable environment.

2. Field Phase: We collect data from a statistically robust subset of employees.

3. Analysis Phase: We analyze quantitative data and qualitative feedback in detail, overlay it with benchmarking data and provide insights based on our expertise and experience.

4. Reporting Phase: We deliver a presentation and comprehensive report, including: key findings, recommendations, qualitative analyses, and self-service interactive dashboards.

Measuring the impact of workplace initiatives and prioritizing opportunities for improvement with ISG UserX™ allows you to facilitate conversations with IT teams and providers, optimize costs, identify joint and individual responsibilities for improved productivity and increase your chances of success.

Why ISG? The ISG proprietary database includes:


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