ISG UserX™

ISG UserX™ offers a robust methodology supported by one of the world’s broadest and deepest benchmarking databases to assess and benchmark your user experience with workplace technology, including support, services and tools. It can monitor your end users’ experience and highlight pain points and recommend areas needing optimization.

Imagine gaining insights into the end user experience and understanding what users actually want in the workplace by:

  • Assessing the maturity of your support framework
  • Identifying call types to eliminate, automate or shift to lower cost support channels
  • Understanding how technology impacts user productivity
  • Addressing the deficiencies of traditional SLAs and KPIs in driving workplace experience outcomes
  • Identifying and prioritizing actions to improve the user experience
  • Understanding how your workplace experience compares to other organizations (in terms of usage, effort and satisfaction)

With ISG UserX™ you can!

Using a trusted methodology and our agnostic approach, ISG ensures your feedback is objective; service providers and enterprises trust that our results are accurate and unbiased. Our highly skilled, dedicated team of researchers, data analysts and consultants provide this solution that services CIOs, IT Directors, CFOs and CXOs (Chief Experience Officers) who need meaningful data insights and market comparisons.

ISG UserX™ is a powerful benchmarking tool in times of change or transition that provides the data you need to evaluate your enterprises’ workplace experience and measure the impact on the user.

How does your workplace compare to other organizations?

What are your user pain points?

Where are you on the digital journey?

What is your user satisfaction level with regards to technical support, workplace experience, procurement, and tools and technologies?

These questions can all be answered with ISG UserX™.

With ISG UserX™, you can compare your workplace experience to other leading enterprises. You gain instant access to over 15 years of experience in end user research, more than 1.5 million satisfaction datapoints and 7+ years of comparative data.

Clients in utilities, banking & financial services, telecom, government, pharmaceuticals and aviation use ISG UserX™ to:

  • Capture a baseline of your user experience today
  • Measure and benchmark the user experience with technology support, services and tools
  • Gain comprehensive insights into the priorities to improve productivity, decrease overall effort and increase satisfaction levels
  • Empirically measure the success of improvement initiatives across the workplace technology experience
  • Build a digital workplace experience to meet the demands of a multi-generational workforce and attract higher quality employee candidates
  • Overcome challenging transitional changes such as a new CIO, digital transformation and outsourcing

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