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ISG Index™: RPA is the Tip of the Digital Transformation Spear

by Stanton Jones
Automation Summit 2018
What is the promise and peril of automation in the workplace? Join us July 18-19 for the ISG Automation Summit.


What is Happening?

As we detailed in this week’s 4Q 2017 ISG Index™ announcement, 2017 started and ended strong. Annual Contract Value (ACV) for the combined market bested the record high set in the first quarter of 2017. Eight of the past nine quarters have exceeded $9 billion. Disruption by digital competition is pushing a switch from traditional products to new technology, with a strong focus on cloud transformation and automation. The combination of those two factors is driving much of the growth. Traditional Sourcing again surpassed $6 billion in ACV, as it has for three of the past four quarters. As-a-Service broke through the $5 billion mark for the first time this quarter.

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