ISG GovernX® - Spend Management

How to reduce cost in procurement.

Control costs by managing consumption, demand and invoice validation.

  • Know your overall spend and governance health
  • Assure deliverable and obligation compliance
  • Verify invoice accuracy and spend
  • Assess and address service performance
  • Administer contract change
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Maintain governance artifacts

ISG GovernX® brings risk, spend and compliance information together into one platform for deeper insights and enhanced decision-making, allowing you to review all new requests in line with spend portfolio, optimize demand to meet business needs and control leakage. Robust workflows and tactical automation make sure you are on top of the spend pool, resource consumption, proactive discrepancy management and right payment every time.

With real-time insights on demand, consumption, spend, leakage and actions, you can proactively manage business cases and drive the right business outcomes.

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Governance savings

A strong governance structure delivers cost savings and retains value for a utilities client.


Our gas and energy client was a first-time outsourcer looking for innovative, best-in-class applications development and maintenance, contact center and cloud services. Many of their 1,200+ legacy contracts contained no service-level agreements, weak discounts and termination clauses. Without a framework to assess contract effectiveness and value leakage, business losses were a constant problem.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG designed a governance solution with tier stratification, point-to-point and contract databases to manage the sourcing-to-pay lifecycle. The solution established strong scorecards for real-time spending visibility, proactive monitoring of contract renewals, renegotiation support post assessment and strong renewals.

Future Made Possible

  • Cost avoidance of US $150,000 during contract review
  • Avoided leakage of $100,000 by capping time and labor expenses at 15 percent of contract/statement of work value
  • Annual contract price increase capped at three percent
  • Service-level agreements designed to penalize supplier for any breach
  • Operating expenses reduced by adding an early payment discount, and capping support fee and late fee
  • New framework created for change requests, multi-source agreements and all fixed prices to ensure consistency in data reporting
  • Termination clauses changed to convenience client rather than suppliers

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