Insourcing improves customer engagement

ISG gets a delayed insource initiative back on track by removing corporate internal silos and enabling a collaborative project launch.


A leading automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) identified the opportunity to directly manage a consumer-facing system used to acquire, capture, track, measure and respond to requests for vehicle information and improve its customers’ experiences. The challenge was replicating all system inputs and outputs and preventing service interruption. The company needed to maintain high-quality reporting to support stakeholders, including corporate-level decision-makers, dealers, data providers and consumers.   

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

After a two-year delay due to changing business requirements and IT misalignment, ISG’s PMO team joined the project “in progress,” applied standardized PM methodology and created communication plans, change management processes and an integrated project plan to break down silos and organize activities. PM involvement resulted in increased collaboration and a successful team effort to achieve project goals.   

Future Made Possible

  • System leads contribute to approximately 300,000 vehicle sales a year
  • Potential corporate savings from insourcing estimated at $6 million annually 
  • Joint team executive stakeholder meetings that ensure a shared view of project progress to be shared with senior management
  • Increased efficiency of resource management with issue tracking and escalation
  • A newly deployed “privacy compliant” system