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Project management office integrates service providers

With ISG’s PMO Services, the client was able to knit together the efforts of multiple suppliers in a way that increased efficiency and improved project visibility.


The client had engaged a number of Customer Relations Management (CRM) services providers. New marketing initiatives and changes related to the evolving legal/privacy landscape required project coordination across providers. In addition, each provider communicated its schedule, costs, risks, etc. in its own format and level of detail.  

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG’s PMO Services introduced a Project Management Office (PMO) that standardized core project deliverables, established a repository to retain deliverables and standardized metrics and reporting on project execution. In conjunction with those standards, the PMO developed a service request (SR) process that prioritized requests, tracked their progress and reported back to the client SR performance measures.

Future Made Possible

  • Streamlined demand management and reduced the backlog of service request
  • New change-control process  that improved the business’ visibility into  software changes
  • Improved quality of system updates by coordinating  changes across CRM service providers
  • ISG ‘s Governance Services, in conjunction with the PMO, insured that service requests were in compliance with existing SOWs and any variations or exceptions are identified and resolved