Sharing data with your network

ISG helps automotive manufacturer build a customer data sharing process with the retail dealer network.


A major automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wanted to enhance its dealer network sales process by providing access to best-in-class customer data. The customer data needed to be gathered from multiple disparate systems (including the dealers’), enhanced using best-in-class tools and techniques, and returned to dealers to increase sales effectiveness.

Imagining IT Differently
Imagining IT Differently

ISG Project Management Services guided the project planning and execution, integrating multiple vendors while leveraging its Project Management Office (PMO) processes to ensure complex requirements were translated into operational systems. Through rigorous application of project management best practices, the resulting solution provided dealers with a complete set of customer information while meeting quality standards and adhering to legal guidelines for sharing of customer information.

Future Made Possible

  • More than 4,000 U.S. dealers receive information updated daily on customers targeted for marketing campaigns
  • Broad set of OEM customer information available to the dealer’s CRM system and mobile app via real-time interface
  • Industry-leading integration of OEM and dealer information available for dealer sales efforts
  • All data integration was done in compliance with complex set of legal and contractual requirements