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ISG hosts a number of flagship events serving the sourcing industry. Please see ISG Events for details.  

ISG advisors participate in events throughout the year and around the world. The following is a list of where you can find us.


Hosting: Barry Matthews, Intelligent Automation for Financial Services 2018 Summit Pre-Conference Workshop Day, July 9, London

Sponsoring/Speaking: Barry Matthews, Intelligent Automation for Financial Services 2018 Summit, July 10 – 11, London

Speaking: Alan Hanson, IAOP Chapter: Voice of the Customer, July 11, 11 a.m., U.S. Eastern Time, virtual

Hosting: Jenn Stein, Randy Vetter, ISG Smartalk™: Your Key to Success – Differentiate! July 12, 10 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time, virtual

Hosting: ISG Automation Summit, July 18 – 19, New York

Attending: Douglas Pollei, Google Next 2018, July 24 – 27, San Francisco

Hosting: Ola Chowning, ISG Smartalk™: Enterprise Agility – the Key to IT at the Speed of Business, July 25, 1 p.m. Eastern Time, virtual

Sponsoring/Speaking: Mark Davison, Scott Furlong, Julie Fernandez, Intelligent Automation Week , July 30 – August 2, Chicago


Sponsoring, Speaking: Nathan Frey, Thomas Ortiz, Milford Sprecher, Kirk Teal, Randy Meek, NASACT, August 11 – 15, Salt Lake City

Hosting: Future Workplace Summit, August 28, Sydney

Sponsoring/Speaking: Ola Chowning, Zach Branch, DevOps Days Chicago, August 28 – 29, Chicago


Sponsoring: Jerry Runnquist, Nordic Executive IT, September 5 – 7, Yasuragi Hasseludden, Sweden

Sponsoring/Speaking: Alan Hanson, IAOP Chicago Chapter Meeting - Wrigley, September 12, Chicago

Hosting: ISG Automation Summit, September 12 – 13, London

Sponsoring: Dale Hearn, Hack Heyward, Christopher Pederson, Best Practices for Oil & Gas, September 17 – 19, San Antonio

Hosting: ISG Future Networks Summit, September 24 – 25, Chicago

Sponsoring/Speaking: Scott Furlong, Mark Davison, SSOW Autumn – SSON, September 24 – 27, San Francisco, CA

Sponsoring: Randy Geoghagen, Chase Hawkins, Inforum DC, September 24 – 27, Washington, DC

Speaking: Barry Matthews, BCLP Outsourcing Breakfast, “Sourcing Disruption & Orchestration – How the Intelligent Enterprise Manages Digital Sourcing,” September 27, London


Hosting: Sourcing Industry Conference, October 15 – 17, Austin

Sponsoring/Speaking: Kevin Thornton, Operating Partners Forum New York 2018, October 17 – 18, New York

Sponsoring: TBD, VentureClash 2018, Oct 18, New Haven, CT

Sponsoring: Jon Lightman, Jenn Stein, Fran Grote, Dan English, ProcureCon Pharma US 2018, October 22 – 23, Forrestal Village, NJ


Hosting: Sourcing Industry Conference EMEA, November 5 - 6, London

Attending: Douglas Pollei, AWS re:Invent, November 26 – 30, Las Vegas