Cloud ERP

The role of enterprise resource planning is evolving to the cloud.

Embracing a cloud-based ERP application may be the single most important move you can make to springboard your business into true digital transformation.

Loosen the grip of inefficient and costly legacy systems on your business. Empower resource-strapped accounting and finance teams to work more efficiently. Make faster decisions. Make your business processes more strategic.

Cloud ERP applications:

  • Reduce costs
  • Integrate for enterprise agility
  • Increase security
  • Improve performance
  • Increase the accuracy and relevance of data analytics
  • Improve integration across business units, including finance, supply chain, human resources and sales


ISG helps organizations evaluate software options based on what is working in the field and what will best meet your unique business needs. We review your business drivers, optimize your business processes and help you design a future roadmap that leverages the platforms or combination of platforms that will enable your business to grow.

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ERP Market Today

68% of companies are planning to combine their ERP and human capital management (HCM) systems into a single-vendor platform
37% of companies are in the process of selecting a new cloud ERP system or will start within two years.

ERP systems are struggling to keep up with the speed of change. Traditional, on-premise ERP systems are difficult and costly to upgrade – and they often lack the modern user interfaces, mobile access and analytics of today’s business systems.

Extending ERP Applications Is Easier Than You Think

Cloud ERP solutions today are providing extensibility that allows businesses immediate access to their marketplace where they can download applications unique to their specific sector or vertical. The business often must figure out when to extend the application and when to use out-of-the-box functionality. Where possible, organizations should challenge themselves to stay within core functionality and business processes.

Cloud ERP Can Deliver Immediate Return on Investment

ERP software developed to address a specific industry or business process are helping deliver cutting-edge best practices at a faster rate and at a better price point because they are not addressing the full backbone of your business. Though these vendors don’t offer the full end-to-end ERP footprint, niche offerings allow unique options for businesses in industries like oil and gas, healthcare and others to consider when evaluating ERP digital transformation.

ISG is independent and has full digital lifecycle capabilities to support your journey. We know your industry and the ERP provider ecosystem. In fact, we have worked with virtually every vendor and integrator in the technology space. We help clients understand the rules of the game – even as they change – and we stand in your corner, ensuring you get the optimal platform for your specific goals.


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