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Maximize your learning return on investment with our outsourced L&D solutions.

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ISG Launches Training as a Service

Major banking, pharmaceutical and technology clients see up to 50 percent ROI using the managed workforce training solution.

Dynamic Training Solutions for the Dynamic Enterprise

Training that solves for high turnover, remote work and ongoing digital transformation. 

Developing your constantly changing workforce with skills and systems that are also constantly changing… it's a training nightmare. Traditional training methods simply can’t keep up with today’s rate of change. Even the most well-resourced teams are struggling to build innovative solutions at scale fast enough. You need expert training tailored to your needs at the pace of your business so you can accelerate adoption and keep employees happy and productive.

ISG Training as a Service (ISG TaaS™) delivers bespoke learning and development solutions at speed and scale. As a long-term training partner, we don't do one-and-done work. We work with you to meet the needs of your modern learners. Partner with us to get an end-to-end solution with measurable results:

  • Reduce onboarding time for new employees
  • Realize the full benefit of your software investments
  • Help employees build their skillsets for a digital workplace
  • Enable on-demand learning in the flow of work
  • Streamline customer onboarding and increase user adoption

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Why Trust ISG TaaS as Your Training Partner? 

ISG's TaaS offering is built on decades of experience working with clients across a number of industries who are faced with delivering and maintaining large-scale custom training solutions built for the modern learner. We start with understanding each client's unique needs and provide a real-world business case to ensure our programs deliver strong return on investment.


On average, our TaaS clients receive over 50% ROI on training operations.


7+ million global end users trained & 75,000+ tailored courses created by ISG.


24 hrs a day, 5 days a week with low-cost, multi-shift options to meet your goals.


ISG has experts in all enterprise training development platforms and cutting-edge methodologies.


Contemporary learning solutions built for every learner with a user experience (UX) lens.


ISG has created over 800k simulations and/or in-app support to increase adoption.

You get the latest technology, software integrations, user support, training expertise, innovative methodologies & custom content.

We build it for you – so you can focus on what you do best.


A top three U.S. banking and financial services firm eliminated a two-year backlog in its training development plan and saved $19 million in one year. The new model allows the company to train more than 40,000 new hires a year on hundreds of applications across the business and enables new revenue-generating business initiatives to launch in half the original time.


During a complex merger, a global pharmaceutical company needed to optimize the use of its existing learning technology investments at minimal cost. ISG served as an advisory partner, supporting the lift and shift of training solutions to the cloud. We also helped the pharmacy transition training from a cost center to a profit center via our cost effective 24x5 delivery model.


A major technology company reduced how long it takes to onboard new revenue-generating roles to three-quarters of the original time. This project resulted in an ROI of over $100 million over five years as well as increased employee satisfaction.

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