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2022 Trends for Retailers

In the world of retail, a product alone is no longer good enough. Retailers now must bundle products with great customer experience. In an era of customer-obsessed industry, priorities for 2022 will be to reduce friction, improve the online presence and use data and predictive analytics as a catalyst to grow market share.

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Digital Drives E-commerce for Modern Retailers

As trends emerge, evolve and fade, you work hard to win and maintain the loyalty of mercurial buyers. Customer personalization, safety and convenience are top of mind, as is the move to ecommerce and omnichannel buying.  

Whether you are designing your ecommerce strategy or addressing supply chain or inventory challenges, lean on ISG’s market-leading data to inform your decision-making. ISG can assess your current state operating model and design and create sourcing strategies to lower your operating costs. We’ll also uncover opportunities for immediate cost optimization and asset monetization to fund customer-facing digital transformation. ISG will work with you to strengthen your internal controls and improve your overall operational performance so you can focus on what is most important – attracting and keeping customers and building your market share.

Resetting IT Priorities

Recessions have a way of exposing underlying weakness and accelerating organizational changes. In an industry already reeling from disruption, how can you proactively prepare for what’s coming next?

Join ISG’s Sunder Pillai as he outlines how resetting your IT priorities is your first step at Aspire's The Moving Cheese event.

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TechXchange: Consumer Services 2022

The disruption the past two years brought to the retail industry is here to stay. Now that the world has opened up, consumers are craving opportunities to shop in person, expecting their buying experience to be consistent both online and off.

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Consumer Connections

An ISG Webcast Series

Join our experts as they outline the trends shaping the consumer packaged goods, retail and travel and hospitality industries. This monthly webcast can be viewed live or on-demand, and is hosted by ISG's Pratibha Salwan, Sunder Pillai and John Westfield. With their unbiased, practical advice, walk away with actionable insights on a new set of consumer trends.

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