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The workplace of the future will integrate the best of digital, physical and human solutions.

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The Secret to Elevating the Hybrid Work Employee Experience

This ISG whitepaper shows how transitioning from traditional user stories to user experience statements can transform employee touchpoints into more meaningful interactions.

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Workplace Transformation

COVID-19 forced new ways of working, whether we were ready or not. As workers head back to the office, the workplace must adapt. Smart facilities, connected employees, AI and augmented capabilities will drive a healthier and "lower touch" office. The workforce of the future will be highly digital -- gig workers, remote collaborative workers, office-based workers -- all need to connect to customers and to each other. Capacity planning and management are key factors. 


ISG Future Workplace Study

ISG's recent study shows employee mental health is a key factor in enterprise hybrid work decisions.

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Become Resilient Through Agility

Learn how to adapt to constantly changing business conditions through operational resilience and agility.

Your Technology-Enabled Workplace

Discover how to take today’s challenges as opportunities to provide a better workplace experience backed by innovative technologies.

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Invigorate the Digital Workplace

  • Innovate IT support and service desk
  • Contain costs with a persona-based user platform
  • Optimize collaboration technology for employee engagement and customer experience

Secure and Safeguard the Physical Workplace

  • Determine optimal work-from-office and work-from-home strategies for the future
  • Build a flexible workplace for the “uberization” of the employee

Improve the Human Workplace

  • Harmonize employee collaboration with digitization of workflows
  • Foster and support employee flexibility

Elevate your Customer Experience

  • Build your customer experience and channels strategy
  • Plan for business model change
  • Make your channel shift to digital
  • Connect your experience creation and partner ecosystem strategy


10 Key Trends Radically Reshaping the Future of Work

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