New Digital Workplace Powers Energy Company

ISG helps a major energy retailer transition to a new digital workplace service, improving its performance and enabling its digital transformation.



With a workforce of close to 3000 employees, an energy retailer wanted to transform its outsourced service desk and end user computing services. The company’s goal was to improve its services and align with its emerging digital and mobile strategy. 

The expiry of the existing agreement with the incumbent provider, who had been in place for over ten years, provided the company with the opportunity to adopt modern workplace capabilities and demonstrably uplift the experience and productivity of our employees

The reality is also that Digital Workplace services are the most visible services to users, especially the executive, and are therefore key to the perception of the company's digital transformation.

Imagining IT Differently

Imagining IT Differently

ISG performed a detailed analysis of the company’s current End User Computing environment and Service Desk, including an overall assessment of the current services and financial performance.

Armed with this understanding of the current state and the company’s strategic direction, ISG completed a thorough service provider capabilities analysis, identifying the appropriate service providers who could deliver the innovation, automation, operational efficiencies and cost savings required by the company.

ISG directed the development of a detailed RFS package that articulated the outcomes, managed the RFS process, including facilitating the collaboration and alignment sessions, proposal evaluation, due diligence and vendor selection process, and negotiations up to contract execution.


Future Made Possible

  • ISG delivered leading edge and innovative service provider technical solutions that not only offered the service improvements, automation and enhancements required, but also aligned with the company’s digital and mobile strategy.
  • The company realized significant cost savings, allowing for reinvestment.
  • The success of the Digital Workplace process encouraged the company to take a similar sourcing approach with the remaining expiring services .