Organizational Change Management

Enable your people for successful enterprise change, realize benefits faster, and increase productivity through communications, learning and other key activities.

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How to Encourage Neuroplasticity for a Changing Workplace

As we guide our organizations through rapidly changing times, it is helpful to have a look at what neuroscience can teach us.

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Studies show more than 60 percent of a project’s success relies on the people.

We Help Companies Perform While They Transform

Even if you have all your new technology, processes and knowledge in place for a major transformation, it’s still possible to fail. Studies show more than 60 percent of a project’s success relies on the people. Without taking this into account, you may face challenges to your program’s credibility, poor executive alignment, lack of collaboration, low morale, or difficulty achieving standardization.

We can help you reduce uncertainty, resistance and costly worker turnover with stakeholder management, targeted communications, organizational alignment, and training and learning enablement. We work to save money, increase productivity and align teams across a wide range of industries and transformation projects.

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The Eight Pillars of Organizational Change Management

No matter what change you’re going through – outsourcing, systems integration/upgrades, digital transformation or automation – add OCM pillars to maximize your outcome.

OCM Practice Highlights

  • Global experience and resource capabilities
  • 900+ OCM projects complete
  • 200+ OCM resources across four continents
  • Proven models and strong references
  • Deep OCM-for-sourcing expertise
  • Digital OCM platform option
  • Customized leadership program
  • Endorsement as a preferred OCM provider for Oracle, SAP and Infor
  • More than 8 million end users trained
  • More than 30% of projects that included an OCM Center of Excellence
  • Cost-effective offshore/nearshore/onshore OCM solutions

We All Experience the Valley of Despair

Watch our video to discover how the science of organizational change management – or OCM – can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for your workforce to rebound and for your company to realize the benefits of a project.

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ISG Partner Talks OCM

Dr. Tammie Pinkston explains why OCM is so crucial in enabling workers to adopt to new processes, tools and other big changes in the workplace. Pinkston is a recognized expert in guiding workforces through major transformations with an eye on collaboration, savings and results. She has taught at the University of Oklahoma, University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Emory University and the University of Innsbruck. She has also published numerous OCM articles and presented at industry conferences worldwide.


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