Optimize your strategic direction and digital projects so they are defensible in a transparent industry.

ISG has the industry knowledge and experience to advise utilities on cloud and agile digital projects, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Turn to ISG for industry-specific understanding and best-in-market solutions.

ISG can help you:

  • Rapidly take costs out in light of COVID-19 pressures and concerns
  • Reconcile incompatible IT landscapes and service delivery models post-acquisition while still delivering on the cost reduction expectations just set
  • Design and source Utility-specific vendor management solutions
  • Guarantee regulatory-grade benchmarks and provide expert testimony when required

Go digital with us:

  • Manage the risks of building new digital platforms
  • Increase agility and improve IT cost and value during service agreements’ renewal periods and beyond
  • Obtain the kind of digital experiences providers offer to other industries
  • Control the costs and risks of moving to cloud-based solutions



Agile Approaches

How can you increase agility and improve IT cost and performance during service agreement renewals?

Lacking a solid foundation in agile, many CIOs turn over more responsibility than they should to the service provider. The result can put the project timeline and budget at risk. CIOs need to:

  • Ensure key stakeholders and leaders understand agile practices
  • Update IT policies and processes to match agile project methods
  • Infuse the team with members who understand DevOps
  • Hire external experts to fill gaps and advance process transformation
  • Maintain independent oversight and management of third-party projects

Utility CIOs can transform their organizations in this new agile world. The time to develop your roadmap is today, and ISG is the ideal partner to assist you.


CapEx vs. Cloud Solutions

You no longer have the choice to replace legacy systems with CapEx-based, on-premise replacements. How do you control costs and risks of moving to cloud-based solutions?

Revolutionize customer experience and stay competitive in the market with cloud solutions.

Leverage cloud-based solutions to innovate and use data to solve business problems related to grid management, DERs and customer delivery. Let the cloud help you:

  • Balance the difficulties of producing reliable, sustainable, and affordable power in the coming age of renewables.
  • Integrate real-time data management at the edge into an enterprise resource planning application to reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance.
  • Increase focus on your core competencies, reduce spending on technology infrastructure and pass technology demands onto someone else.






Regulatory Requirements

How can you ensure regulatory-grade benchmarks?

Many regulators, such as those in Canada, put the onus on Utility companies to demonstrate that their costs are reasonable with outside benchmarks. When it comes to providing testimony as an expert witness, our competitors’ survey approach to data and benchmarking is not sufficiently dependable on the stand. At ISG, we do not collect benchmarking data through broad-based surveys, and we do not purchase data for benchmarking purposes. Instead, we provide:

  • Data integrity and validation as the key components of our benchmarking methodology
  • Data from ISG’s proprietary database, including operational and financial data, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other performance measures
  • Data from over 6,000 unique benchmarking assignments
  • Benchmarks according to size, project scope and support function
  • Robust, repeatable benchmarking methodologies

Our benchmarks give our clients visibility into the root causes of their gaps in performance and actionable recommendations to achieve the “right cost to serve.” In addition to providing these key insights to our client, ISG is experienced at testifying to our benchmarking methodologies and resulting studies in regulatory proceedings around the world.


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