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Sourcing, contracting and navigating the technology provider ecosystem.

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Sourcing a Strategic Partnership to Transform a Bank at Scale

A leading European bank was struggling with dated technology, systems and processes - and its IT costs were way out of alignment with the market. Read this case study to learn how ISG helped it select, co-solution and contract with a service provider, forming a strategic partnership that enabled the bank to transform at scale.

Sourcing and contracting is our business.


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No other advisory firm comes close to our level of insights, experience and market engagement.

Introducing ISG Tango

The Sourcing Solution Platform

Meet ISG Tango™, our next-gen sourcing platform that digitizes all elements of ISG’s market-leading sourcing transactions methodology to improve transaction speed and efficiency. With 24x7 access and real-time status views, the platform provides full transparency throughout the entire sourcing process and simplifies interactions with stakeholders, leading to faster, more effective collaboration and decision-making.

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Click the video above to learn about the outsourcing trends shaping today's IT and business industry.

Benefit from our Speed & Contracting Support

We can take you from idea to signed contract in under sixteen weeks. Our unparalleled contractual data - including over 266,000 contracts - sets the standard for sourcing contracts worldwide, thus reducing redlining and preempting lengthy negotiations. 

Our deep expertise allows us to advise on contracting with top tier and niche providers alike, drive collaborative solution building, and design and execute aggressive business cases. If you have unique requirements, we can rapidly create a custom methodology to achieve your goals. For renegotiations, ISG is positioned with market-based contract data, strategies and recommendations to surpass your strategic and financial objectives.

Our outsourcing solutions include:


Sourcing Strategy

Develop a strategy & target operating model for your technology landscape, including what to source, renegotiate or retain.


Financial Analysis

Build the business case for sourcing, starting with a benchmark of your costs against the market and TCO models.


Insights-driven Provider Selection

Find the right providers for your needs based on our deep market research & experience, and our unmatched contract data.

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Digital Sourcing

Our proven-comprehensive sourcing and contracting methodology, ISG FutureSource™, now digitized as our ISG Tango platform: flexible, fast, collaborative and built for you.


Transition & Transformation

Address the challenges of a transition; build a strong foundation for partnership and transformation to the future state.


Value Realization

The results? A contract that allows you to manage your technology services to realize the power of your business case.

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