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Happy employees = productive employees

It takes more than an employee engagement survey to improve culture

Businesses across the globe are recognizing the importance of employee engagement and creating a positive corporate culture. It's now firmly on Board agendas. But how do you translate the vision from the boardroom to the experience of each employee?

That’s where ISG comes in. We evaluate your employee experience at all levels and the current state to your goals, regardless of how lofty they may be. We then provide a clear diagnostic report and strategy to address gaps that are preventing the achievement of your culture standards and will roll up our sleeves to put that plan into action. ISG has a proven methodology to operationalize engagement by empowering leaders at all levels to drive direct impact with their teams.

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Company culture is everything.

Get started today with our packaged solutions:

Employee Engagement Toolkit

Everything your front-line managers need to ensure their teams are engaged, supported and operating at their peak. The kit can be delivered virtually and is supplemented by guided facilitation with one of our engagement experts.

ISG Employee Engagement Assessment

Is your organization suffering from high attrition rates? Are you struggling to attract and retain top talent? Are people happy at work?

We pinpoint where to focus attention to vastly improve engagement and morale in your organization. Our strategy can then be deployed by your internal team with ISG coaching from the sidelines, or you can hand us the reins to execute the strategy and provide your leaders what they need to know, say, and do to make the culture change stick. ISG then evaluates your culture again to measure growth, celebrate closing gaps, and identify the next wave of improvements needed to sustain your culture for years to come. 

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