SASE: SD-WAN Meets Security


You have certainly heard of secure access service edge (SASE) and thought to yourself, do I need it, and if so, why? Once you get past the odd sounding acronym, we can uncover what SASE really is.

SASE is a framework for cloud-based enterprise cybersecurity, designed to address the complex network and security challenges of the digital business age. The move to cloud, coupled with an ever-growing mobile workforce, often places users, devices, applications and data outside the traditional perimeter of an enterprise network – a ground-shaking change to standard IT security postures.

An enterprise that has deployed SASE enables its resources to securely consume applications from anywhere and everywhere, delivering a converged network and security service from a globally distributed cloud platform. SASE identifies and delivers context-sensitive, policy-based security to users, devices and even virtualized robots.

The 7 Top Benefits of SASE

  • Unified management via a “single pane of glass”
  • WAN optimization with improved scale and operational flexibility
  • FWaaS (firewall as a service)
  • Multi-vector threat protection
  • Modernized dynamic application access
  • Delivery of secure SD-WAN services
  • Security resource maximization

SASE is a complex consideration. Purposefully sourcing and implementing services within a SASE framework allows you to deliver critical security components while optimizing departmental resources. Successful enterprises will continue to invest in security teams and tools that are focused on emergent threats. Providers that have a SASE solution have already done the substantiative work for you. Engaging the “experts” in SASE reduces your risk, improves time to deployment and allows you to effectively manage staffing requirements.

As our colleague Jason Stading recently outlined in Three Core Capabilities that Come with SASE Transformation, SASE is both a framework and a solution. ISG’s experience in procuring SASE, SD-WAN and security solutions in a customer-managed, co-managed or fully managed solution can help you minimize your complexity. With ISG as your partner, you can realize the full potential of SASE. Contact us to find out how we can guide you to the right solution for your organization.


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David Lessin

David Lessin

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