Digital Healthcare: Broader than eHealth, Smart Health and Telehealth


Healthcare and the Life Sciences industry (including bio-pharma and medical devices) was a late adopter of digital transformation compared to some of its counterparts in Banking and Consumer Goods. This is partly due to the nature of the business and the strict regulatory environment in which they operate. That said, lately, we have seen a significant uptick in the number of digitization initiatives in the Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors. The pandemic further forced the digital transformation agenda to the top of the list.

This ISG whitepaper Digital Healthcare: Broader than eHealth, Smart Health and Telehealth explores some of the most common digitization questions we see Healthcare and Life Sciences enterprises asking: What is the potential for digital healthcare? How do I create a roadmap for this transformation? How do I balance quick wins vs. a long-term vision? What are the first steps I need to take? And, finally, do organizations with a longer digital track record sometimes struggle to move forward?

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About the author

Kevin Spiekermann brings several years of experience in the healthcare and life science industry and even more years of infrastructure transformation. He has a proven track record of supporting clients in large projects transforming their IT from technological, organizational, process and sourcing point of view. He has worked mostly in Europe but also in the US and Singapore. He became trusted partner of senior management on their digitalization journey.